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Is Your Faucet Spinning? (Causes & Simple Solutions)

Wasserhahn Griff dreht durch

This post will tell you what to do when a faucet spins and you no longer can turn on or off the water. Also, we shed light on the reasons why this happens and how you can avoid this problem in the future. Handle of your fitting spins Mixing faucets with two rotary knobs, one […]

Your Faucet Is Loose? (Common Causes & Simple Solutions)

wasserhahn locker

Turn on the water, turn off the water – many times a day. Kitchen and bathroom fittings are in constant use. It may well happen that the faucet becomes loose over time. Sometimes a faulty assembly or a forgotten component is to blame. But also years of limescale deposits may lead to fittings, mixer levers […]

Your Faucet Can No Longer Be Closed? (Causes & Solutions)

wasserhahn laesst sich nicht schliessen

If your faucet can no longer be closed, you may face a serious challenge. Not only does this increase your water bill significantly. A leaky or jammed fitting also indicates years of wear and tear, which can result in further damage. In this article you will learn: why different types of fittings cause problems at […]

Your Faucet Is Broken off? Causes, Solutions & Interesting Facts

wasserhahn abgebrochen

If a faucet breaks off, it is usually due to lime deposits that have built up over the years. This makes the material porous, so that at some point one vigorous movement is enough to tear off the faucet. Also angle valves that are rarely used can break off if they are turned with a […]

Does Your Faucet Continue to Drip? (Causes & Simple Solutions)

wasserhahn tropft lauft nach

You don’t expect any more water to be running after you turned off your faucet. Unfortunately, the reality is different in many households. While a few drops after closing it can still be tolerated, a continued trickle over several minutes can drive up the water bill quite considerably. In this article, we will tell you […]

In Which Direction Do I Turn the Tap to Open and Close It?

wasserhahn auf zu welche richtung

If you open a tap, the water comes out. Every child knows that. But what about taps where you cannot see this straight away – on washing machines, for example? When are these open and closed? Do you have to close them at all? Should you turn off the water in your apartment before going […]

High pressure or low pressure? (What distinguishes the faucets)

low pressure faucet flash symbol

Manufacturers of faucets clearly indicate whether it is a high or low pressure model. This is even visually labelled with a flash to make it stand out. Non-experts, though, are often unaware of important details. A wrong purchase in this area can have serious consequences, as you will read below. To ensure that this does […]

Faucet with 2 or 3 connections (important points to consider)

faucet with 2 or 3 connections

Are you looking to buy a new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen and wonder about the number of connections? In addition to different designs, technical refinements, different materials and all price categories, however, all fittings differ in one basic point: the number of water connections. We will give you an overview of what this […]

Grohe vs Hansgrohe (know these important differences & similarities)


Grohe and Hansgrohe – pretty much everyone has heard of these two German brands. They stand for high-quality faucets and elegant design made in Germany. But there is often a lack of clarity as to how far the two manufacturers are connected or distinct. Some even ask themselves whether Hansgrohe and Grohe are two brands […]